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Welcome! We are a dynamic group of trained and certified doulas, childbirth educators and placenta encapsulators.

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We are so glad you have found us. Choosing your birth professionals is such a crucial step in having a wonderful birth. Heather and Carly are committed to empowering women to make the best birth choices and lovingly support them every step of the way. We strive to create a supportive, non-judgmental approach to birth. We are here to support you in the best decision for you, your baby and family. The doulas are highly experienced in the utilization of TENS units, are training hypno-doulas, and have experience with Birthing from Within Bradley, Birth Boot Camp, Lamaze, Hypnobabies, Hypnobirthing childbirth methodologies, as well as Rebozo and Reiki techniques. Servicing birth centers and hospitals in the greater D.C., Maryland and Virginia areas including: Special Beginnings, Bay Area Midwifery, Anne Arundel Medical Center, Baltimore/Washington Medical Center, Sibley, George Washington University, Virginia Hospital Center, Holy Cross, Washington Adventist, iNova, Shady Grove, Howard County, St. Joseph's, Upper Chesapeake, Mercy Medical Center, GBMC, Howard County General, Sinai Hospital,Georgetown, Christiana Care, Fort Washington, Walter Reed, Fort Belvoir, Laurel Regional, Washington Adventist.

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The postpartum period is often a difficult transition in a womans life with up to 80% of new moms experiencing some form of "baby blues" Placenta encapsulation is a safe easy way to help prevent this.

Placenta capsules have been shown to balance hormones, enhance milk supply, lessen postpartum bleeding, and increase energy. Your placenta contains your own natural hormones made for you, not by a pharmaceutical corporation. Women who have taken placenta capsules report fewer emotional issues and a faster, more pleasant, postpartum recovery. If you would like more information, please visit our pages about Doula Benefits or Placenta Benefits. Contact us today to set up a free phone or in person consult.

When I started talking to Carly, I was not looking for a doula.I had some questions about natural birth and she reached out to my husband and I and shared lots of valuable information with us.After meeting with her, we were so enthusiastic to have her as part of our birthing experience.She is the perfect balance of extremely professional and easy-going, immediately feeling like an old friend.As first time parents, her sweetness, kindness and easy reassurance defined the relationship with her for our birth.She was very attentive from start to finish, taking the role of a knowledgeable and considerate friend. She answered late night texts and made extra trips without batting an eye.I had several days of prodromal labor, during which Carly was endlessly patient, empathetic and encouraging.I remember when I was in the tub, just out of transition and starting to push.I felt baby move down suddenly and had a moment of panic, baby was coming! Was I ready? Could I do this? I whipped my head around and stared at Carly.She smiled at me and said, "You're doing it, mama!You've got this! You're ok." That moment Carly provided the confidence and reassurance I needed to continue. The end of labor was very tough because of some complications but Carly kept me positive and focused and reminded me that my baby would be here soon, wasn't I so excited to meet him?! Ever since delivering my baby, Carly had continued to amaze us with her kindness, consideration and support. She checks on us constantly and quickly and professionally provided placenta encapsulation services right in our own home! It meant so much to us how much time she took to get to know us, before during and after, and to figure out how to best serve our needs. She enabled my husband to feel empowered and confident and ultimately extremely rewarded with his role in the birth while providing the most incredible and perfect support for me and baby. I 100% mean it when I say, we could not have done it without her!!!'

This was such a blessing! Heather offered a great deal of pre-labor support, from answering questions and offering information on a range of techniques and ideas about birth, to the consultation when she sent out forms to both myself AND MY HUSBAND about our expectations and needs for this upcoming event (I must say, reading what my husband wrote to her about his expectations was so touching...I loved that she did that and that he let me read it!) to the actualy 40 hours of labor that was. Heather was able to be of great service to us as this was our first time. It was such a relief to have someone supporting you and your needs even when you are being unreasonable, and your husband is frustrated and you may not know how to communicate with the staff at the hospital to get your point across. I love the approach she took, supporting my desires, and also being very in tune with the quick changes of heart that I experienced. I would not say the labor process is fun, but she did make it EVER so much more bearable! Also whe was able to help me with getting the placenta encapsulated, which was a great offering. That got me through some really tough spots postpartum! She has been checking in here and there and still offers so much insight and support. This has greatly changed my life and she has been such an integral part of the event, I can't help but feel like she is family. I am so grateful for her. I would have her as my doula even if I had 10 kids, it takes the stress down significantly and smooths the whole process out. It allowed family to come in at their convenience and help out and not be part of the stress of labor and delivery, it helped my husband feel like more a helper than someone who has to try to please me and get things done that I couldnt do (and helped him not feel inadequate when he couldnt do or accomplish something!) and really most of all helped me, to have someone who was there with gentle support through the entire process.
--Lauren C.

Dina was so great! Her gentle demeanor and massage background was the perfect combination to keep me in a relaxed state while trying to go into transition. She knew exactly what pressure I needed and took cues of when she found a good area to concentrate on! She also took amazing pictures and gave me a view of the birth that I wouldn't have gotten.
--Renee W.